By Mission Hill Dental
December 10, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures

When it's time for wisdom teeth removal in New Braunfels, TX, Dr. Horacio Lucero performs tooth extractions at Mission Hill Dental. Aftercare is important when you've had an extraction to prevent infection or a dry socket. Keep reading for tips, and come see us if you need a tooth removed.

What is a dry socket?

When you have a tooth removed a blood clot forms over the removal site and protects the exposed nerve endings. The clot should stay in place until your gums have healed. If this blood clot dislodges any earlier, it's called a dry socket and can be very painful. Here are five tips for preventing a dry socket after wisdom teeth removal in New Braunfels, TX.

Do not rinse for 24 hours

For the first 24 hours after an extraction, it's important to not rinse out your mouth. The clot could dislodge from this motion. After 24 hours you can rinse the socket very gently.

Avoid straws

You'll want to drink a lot of liquid during your recovery for your overall health, but the force of sucking liquid through a straw can loosen or dislodge the clot so avoid using straws until you are healed.

Avoid smoking and tobacco

Don't smoke or use tobacco for the duration of your healing. Your dentist will always recommend quitting smoking to prevent oral cancer, but it is especially dangerous after an extraction because it can cause a dry socket.

Eat soft foods

Soft food that doesn't require much chewing and can't get stuck is the best thing to eat during recovery. Stick to foods like yogurt, pudding, and jello for at least a day, and be careful not to chew on the side of the extraction or disturb it with your tongue.

Great oral hygiene

You need to practice great oral hygiene while you heal to prevent infection. Brush and floss your other teeth like usual, but avoid the teeth near the socket while you heal.

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