By Mission Hill Dental
September 30, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Many people experience embarrassment by the yellowing or discoloration on their teeth, which can be due to smoke, coffee, tea, wine, soda, acidic juices, and foods, or even certain medications. However, the good news is that you can protect your teeth from staining through routine oral health and regular visits to the dentist! For treating and preventing teeth staining, visit Dr. Horacio Lucero of Mission Hill Dental for cosmetic dentistry in New Braunfels, also serving Canyon Lake, TX.

Protect Your Teeth From Staining

If you stay on top of your routine oral health, both at home and with regular visits to the dentist, you will have less of a chance of keeping stains on your teeth. Stains tend to latch on to plaque and tartar buildup on the surface and in between your teeth, so be sure to brush in circular motions and floss as often as your dentist recommends. Other steps to reduce the risk of surface stains include rinsing with water after meals, brushing twice each day with fluoride toothpaste, and using mouthwash with antibacterial action to combat plaque. Another tip is to drink beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda through a straw to avoid contact with your teeth.

Treat Existing Stains

Cosmetic dentistry in New Braunfels, also serving Canyon Lake, TX, can help to treat surface stains on your teeth once you notice signs of yellowing or discoloration. One popular method is through professional whitening in-office or using at-home tray methods custom-fitted by your dentist. Both options offer you safe and fast results for teeth whitening with the help of your dentist in as little as one visit.

Find The Right Dentist For You

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in New Braunfels, also serving Canyon Lake, TX, to help prevent or treat unwanted yellowing, staining, or discoloration on your teeth, visit Dr. Lucero at Mission Hill Dental. For questions or to book an appointment today please call (830) 625-7322.